Six Nations 2014: Ten of the best Championship tries

By James StandleyBBC Sport
Six Nations 2014: Ten great championship tries

The best ever try in the Five/Six Nations - ask any rugby union fan and they will have a firm opinion on which score deserves that accolade.

Scots may well mistily reminisce about Tony Stanger, Welshmen of a certain age will no doubt wax lyrical about a Gareth Edwards score, an Englishman's thoughts could turn to Rory Underwood hurtling in at the corner and Irishmen… well I'm guessing Brian O'Driscoll will probably feature prominently on their shortlist.

We've picked out 10 of the best to spark debate but that's the thing: how can you pick a single best Five/Six Nations try when there are so many classics to choose from?

We're bound to have missed a few in this video, so feel free to tell us not only what should have been included but also why - let's hear those memories.

We'll put together another video containing those scores and later on in the 2014 tournament - which kicks off on Saturday - we'll have a vote to decide what really is the best try in the (televised) history of the tournament.

Personally, there's only one possible choice for that accolade.

I remember the moment clearly, yelling at the TV as the director cut away with the ball in Serge Blanco's hands deep in his dead-goal area, the posts to his right.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine times out of a thousand the ball would have been dotted down for a 22 drop-out, but this was Blanco, the greatest full-back of his era.

And just as you sensed he might try something too audacious for English minds to even contemplate, the director cut away in preparation for the drop-out (fortunately we see the full version above).

By the time we got back to the action, the French were already gliding menacingly up to their 22 and a dazzling series of chips, passes and cross-kicks later, Philippe Saint-Andre was crossing under the posts, despite the despairing tackle of Jeremy Guscott.

To this day, the legendary former England centre, now of this BBC Sport parish, has a scar under his eye to remind him of just how comprehensively England were cut to shreds, and he will no doubt prefer to see the final try in our video, at the top of the page, when his sublime gliding break sets up a belter for Rory Underwood.

Saint-Andre himself is now the French coach and guided his charges to a humiliating Wooden Spoon - their first ever in the Six Nations - last season.

But if he is yet to set the international coaching world alight, there can be no debate that his try in 1991 at Twickenham remains one of the best ever seen in the tournament.

So I've had my say, now it's up to you. Either join the debate in the comments section at the bottom of this page or on social media using #bbcrugby

Let reminiscing commence.


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