Championship: Harvey Biljon impressed with Jersey's Albion win

Jersey vs Plymouth Albion
Jersey's previous defensive best was conceding only 10 points, which they did twice in 2013

Jersey boss Harvey Biljon says he was impressed with his side after their

Jersey are sixth in the Championship after the win, which was the first time they had stopped the opposition from scoring since

"I felt that to keep them to nil in the game was impressive," Biljon said.

"The way we kept our composure, we didn't rush to get scores, we just built a score and that ultimately got us over the line," he told BBC Jersey.

Albion lost their 16th successive match and had lost to Jersey in their previous game in the British and Irish Cup 14 days earlier.

"The fact that we knew we were coming up against an emotionally-charged team we could grind it out, keep our composure and keep our control. I think shows it was a professional performance," Biljon said.

"We've got some very tough fixtures ahead of us, we just need to keep on making these steady improvements.

"We know we're not always going to get the results, but within the group we've got to realise we need to mature and keep on building and keep on putting in the hard work and sacrifice."