Exeter Chiefs: Rob Baxter frustrated by Gloucester defeat

Exeter v Gloucester
Exeter led twice against Gloucester at Sandy Park but could not force victory

Exeter head coach Rob Baxter says he is frustrated by the way his side played in Saturday's

The Premiership defeat at Sandy Park was Exeter's third in a row and saw them drop from fourth to sixth.

"I'm rarely really frustrated when we lose because normally there's a really good reason for it," said Baxter.

"But the truth is we gifted them a lot of points, and at a time when we were wrestling the game back we should have known how to put pressure on them."

Since winning eight successive games in all competitions, Exeter have suffered a dip in form, losing their last three league matches against and now Gloucester.

"At times it looked like we were running around just playing a game of rugby in the park, and that's fine to a degree, but only to a degree and not the way we did it today," Baxter told BBC Radio Devon.

"There was an opportunity to take points and we've blown it.

"I've said to the lads it's no good feeling sorry for yourself. If you want to genuinely be in the top four, then teams are going to play against you like you're a top four side.

"They're going to come after you, they're going to put some of their biggest performances of the season in against you.

"You've got to relish that if that's how you want it to be."