Mud bath causes confusion in National Two rugby game

By Chris OsborneBBC Sport
Mud match between Dings Crusaders and Cambridge
In tricky conditions, Cambridge beat Dings Crusaders 5-0

It had started out as Dings Crusaders against Cambridge, but it turned into a mud bath.

After a deluge of rain in Bristol, Saturday's National League Two South game descended into a a melee of 30 mud-caked shirts, to the point where it was difficult to tell which team was which.

"Both teams were getting away with all sorts of stuff at the breakdown - you could just blend in with the opposition," Cambridge director of rugby Rowland Winter told BBC Sport.

"The referee, Claire Hodnett,external-link was excellent, and did well to work out who was who, particularly for offside."

The game was not one for the rugby romantic, with Cambridge scoring an early try through Jim Wigglesworth, and going on to win 5-0 in a match dictated by deep kicks into opposition territory.

"It was horrendous from start to finish. We were attacking the end with a few blades of grass in the first half," said Rowland.

"I've never seen a game played on a surface that bad. It looks like a good football score."

But if you thought playing or refereeing in the game was bad, imagine having to wash the kit.

"That will be down to team management," said Rowland. "I avoid that room as much as possible - but I think the washing machine will earn its money."

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