Six Nations: Hancock recalls great England try against Scotland

Hancock scores famous England try

The man who scored of one of England's greatest tries against Scotland in 1965 reckons he should have kicked the ball, rather than run in for his famous try.

England play Scotland on Saturday in the Six Nations and former Northampton player Andy Hancock fondly remembers his 70-yard try 50 years ago.

He told BBC Radio Northampton: "The truth is, I should have kicked it.

"It had been pouring with rain and I got two passes - one of which I'd dropped - until the last minutes."

Hancock continued: "Micky Weston said 'run' and off I set. Though a tackler came across, I managed to get past him and then it was up to the full-back.

Andy Hancock
Andy Hancock was born in Dartford

"Had it been dry he would have put me straight into the stands, but he lost his footing.

"The covering defence was coming across and I looked inside, it was Budge Rodgers who was covered, so I didn't pass.

"Luckily enough, it just held them up for a fraction of a second and then it was over to the tryline, with Iain Laughland on my heels.

"There were no great celebrations like there are today, one or two came up and said 'well done' and that was it. Not until I read the papers afterwards did I realise what the fuss was all about.

"Looking back, I'd rather have won a few more caps, frankly, then be remembered for one try. It seems a lot longer than 50 years. I wouldn't have known about the anniversary if my wife hadn't told me."

Dartford-born Hancock, now 79, won three caps for England and he remembers that the weather had been particularly bad on the day of his try.

"It was a rotten day, it had been pouring with rain and rained throughout the game," he added.

"You forget what's going on around you. You got into the car park and then the dressing room - and you concentrate on the game itself.

"There was no great team talk beforehand, or anything like that. The skipper used to say a few words in the changing room.

"We never even got together as a team to practice. You just lined up as a team for a photograph on the pitch."

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