Ospreys: Lloyd Peers becomes Lloyd Ashley after wedding

Lloyd Ashley
Lloyd Ashley won Wales Under-18 and Under-20 honours as Lloyd Peers

Ospreys' former Wales Under-20 lock Lloyd Peers has changed his surname to Ashley after getting married.

The 24-year-old and wife Febe share the same middle name, which they have adopted as their surname to become Mr and Mrs Ashley.

"We decided to use that as our married name, rather than one of us taking the other's surname," said Lloyd Ashley, who is recovering from injury.

"By the time I returned for pre-season, I had become Lloyd Ashley."

He added: "Hopefully, I can leave the injuries behind with Lloyd Peers and Lloyd Ashley can have a good run of games without any problems."

Febe and Lloyd Ashley
Febe and Lloyd Ashley on their wedding day in Santorini