Cornish Pirates: Ian Davies content with current squad

Ian Davies
Ian Davies has been on the coaching staff at Cornish Pirates since 2009

Cornish Pirates boss Ian Davies says he is happy with the squad he has, despite making the fewest number of new signings in the Championship.

The Pirates have brought in seven new players such as Northampton's Alex Day and Canadian forward Brett Beukeboom.

Scrum-half Tom Kessell has moved to Northampton while prop Jamal Ford-Robinson is now with Bristol.

"We're happy with the squad we've got, continuity was the important factor for us," Davies told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"Everybody we hoped to keep we kept, the lads who went to Bristol and Northampton Saints, we couldn't stop those guys from moving on and we wish them well," Davies added.

"But the majority of the squad we kept. There's some quality in the Championship this year, there's no doubt about that, so it's a tough campaign again."

Davies envisages a few changes to the way his side plays as they get used to new scrum-half in Day.

"It'll be interesting to see how he adapts to how we play, we'll be used to Tom Kessell, who's very much a passing machine," Davies said.

"Alex is more of an attacking threat - similar to Gavin Cattle in that he attacks the fringes a little bit more - so it'll be interesting to see how we adapt to that because we've been used to that good quick ball from Tom Kessell."

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