Exeter boss Rob Baxter frustrated at wasted Bath chances

Bath v Exeter
Exeter's forwards failed to cross the Bath try line at the Rec

Exeter head coach Rob Baxter says his side must be more decisive in trying to convert chances into tries.

The Chiefs were beaten 19-17 by Bath in their opening Premiership match on Saturday, despite having a number of chances to score near to the home side's try-line.

"We had enough opportunities to win the game," Baxter told BBC Radio Devon.

"To not score tries from the five metre positions we gained is frustrating and a little disappointing," he added.

Exeter are still looking for their first league win at The Rec after six seasons in the Premiership, but Baxter said that statistic could have changed had they repeated their try-scoring form from last season.

"We were very good towards the second half of last season converting those opportunities," he said.

"We've become very single-minded and very dominant in that area. You only need to look back to the Saracens away game a couple of weeks before the end of last season and we were getting five metres out and we were scoring almost whatever happened.

"But today for some reason we didn't look quite as decisive in the plan we were going to put together and ultimately it meant that although we were winning penalties and being stopped with penalties, the truth is you don't want to be stopped by penalties, you want to take it and force your way over.

"Bath have weathered two yellow cards and still come through it and that shows us how wasteful we were with our opportunities."

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