Sale Sharks not investigated over salary cap - Steve Diamond

By Nathan MiddletonBBC Sport
Diamond wants salary cap policed

Sale were not one of the clubs being investigated for possible breaches of the salary cap, says Sharks director of rugby Steve Diamond.

Last week, Premiership Rugby said "confidential agreements" were reached following "certain issues" with some clubs over last season's £4.76m limit.

Wasps issued a statementexternal-link saying they were not a club with any settlement.

"We certainly weren't one of those clubs being investigated," Diamond, 47, told BBC Sport.

"There seems to be a lot of furore but it is cracking league we're in, let's just crack on with that."

Diamond had previously stated that Sale do not spend up to the current salary cap and he thought "creative accountancy" was being used for teams to spend over the limits.

The salary cap for this season is £5.5m, which will rise to £6.5m in 2016-17 and then up to £7m per club the season after that.

"It's [the rise] irrelevant to me if I'm honest because I don't know why they have one really, if I'm honest," he added.

"If everyone is abiding by it at the moment, which is apparently what is happening, then where are teams going to get another million pounds to spend?"