Launceston can survive in National Two South - Mike Lewis

Launceston RFC
Launceston have seen a host of players leave the club in the summer

Launceston boss Mike Lewis says his side can survive in National Two South, despite being bottom of the table.

Lewis has seen his side pick up bonus points in their last two defeats.

"I know for sure that there are five teams in this league near the bottom that are about the same ability and only three can go down," he said.

"As long as we finish in the top two spots of those five, we can stay for another season in National Two, that's how we're looking at it."

Launceston have lost all eight matches they have played this season after the club reduced their budget in the summer and saw a host of players leave the club.

"From the start of the season we knew it was going to be a tough year," he told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"We're not looking at the end result of the season after 30 games, we're looking week-by-week, what can we do, session-by-session, minute-by-minute.

"The last two games have been very frustrating when you lose by such a small amount, but they were incremental steps to getting better, so we reached our targets."