Glasgow v Edinburgh: Lawson says venue switch favours Edinburgh

By Andy BurkeBBC Sport Scotland
Edinburgh won the first-leg at Murrayfield 23-11
Edinburgh won the first-leg at Murrayfield 23-11

Rory Lawson believes switching the second-leg of the 1872 Cup match from Scotstoun to Murrayfield gives Edinburgh a "huge boost".

Glasgow Warriors home ground fell victim to the heavy rainfall, with the Scotstoun pitch deemed unplayable.

Edinburgh hold a 23-11 lead from the first-leg, and Lawson believes having home advantage again could be key.

"It will have a huge impact, for Edinburgh in particular. It will be a huge boost for them," Lawson said.

Edinburgh have not beaten Glasgow away in 12 years, and Lawson thinks players from both sides will now be thinking about the match differently.

"It shifts the mind-set altogether," said the former Scotland scrum-half, who played for Edinburgh between 2003 and 2006.

Rory Lawson won 31 caps for Scotland
Rory Lawson won 31 caps for Scotland

"For Glasgow, fortress Scotstoun which they are going to have to move away from, and get their mind around essentially having to play an away game that should be a home game.

"It's only going to add an edge and it will be a hugely exciting game."

Lawson thinks the 12-point cushion Edinburgh hold from the first-leg should be enough to see them retain the trophy.

"12-points is a big deficit to be able to cut down," he told BBC Scotland.

"Had Glasgow been at Scotstoun I feel that there would have been an outside chance, it would have been particularly tight, but I have to say the momentum is with Edinburgh.

"They have the upper hand, being on home turf again. If I was forced into it I would say Edinburgh will retain the 1872 Cup."