Welsh Rugby Union outline board modernisation

Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies is a former Wales and British and Irish Lions fly-half

The Welsh Rugby Union has outlined a major structural overhaul in a bid to modernise the way the game is governed.

Chairman Gareth Davies has written to each of the Union's 320 member clubs.

"The changes we are making are part of our continued aim to modernise the way in which the game is governed in Wales," he said.

"We have created four new 'sub-boards' which will meet to discuss specific areas of governance, prior to full Board meetings."

Davies added: "All sporting bodies are being scrutinised closely on their governance structures and composition of their management boards, and, partly in response, but mainly as it is the right thing to do, we have recently reviewed our internal structures."

Four new sub-boards have been created to discuss specific aspects of governance prior to full board meetings, with the aim of streamlining the decision-making process in Welsh rugby.

Each sub-board will discuss their specific areas - Commercial, Financial, professional/performance and community game.

The Union says this means full board meetings will not need to be held as regularly and should be "less cumbersome."

The sub-boards, which can co-opt members, will meet every month, while the full WRU Board will now be scheduled to meet in its entirety four times a year instead of 12.

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