Six Nations: France will not be punished for head injury assessments against Ireland

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BBC pundits scrutinise the use of HIAs in the France-Ireland match

France will not be punished after an investigation found they did not use the head injury assessment (HIA) rules to gain a "competitive advantage" in the Six Nations 15-13 loss to Ireland.

Fly-half Matthieu Jalibert and scrum-half Antoine Dupont were forced off with knee injuries and sent for HIAs.

Dupont's departure let Maxime Machenaud return to the field, which would not have been allowed without an HIA.

A review panel found the HIA decisions were made by the matchday doctor.

In both cases, the panel said the players had not suffered concussions and the decision to call for an HIA "was not made by anyone who was formally connected with the French team".

Six Nations Rugby said: "There was no evidence of anyone within the FFR [French Rugby Union] seeking to gain a competitive advantage."

Dupont departed 75 minutes into the match on 3 February. France had used all their replacements and would not have been permitted to send starting scrum-half Machenaud back on if an HIA was not required.

Six Nations Rugby said it would liaise with World Rugby to "avoid similar cases arising" in the future.

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