Storm Dennis: WRU set up fund to help affected rugby clubs

Waterlogged pitch

The Welsh Rugby Union [WRU] have set up an 'exceptional circumstances' fund to provide financial assistance to Welsh clubs affected by Storm Dennis.

The WRU say they are seeking further finances after adding £100,000.

Funding will be allocated towards replacing damaged equipment and helping clubs to recover waterlogged pitches.

"We have decided to allocate dedicated funds and resources to help out clubs in need throughout the country," WRU chief executive Martyn Phillips said.

"There is money put aside for emergencies such as these and we will take great care to ensure that we target both money and resources in the right areas so that we are helping those who need it most."

Additional money will be raised by a bucket collection at Wales Six Nations match against France on Saturday.

The WRU say they will also be providing further help with staff members pledging to spend a day at affected clubs, to help out in any way they can.

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