Ian Percy eyeing Olympic improvement

Andrew Simpson (l) and Iain Percy (r)
Percy won his first Olympic gold medal in the Finn class at Sydney 2000

Dorset-based sailor Iain Percy says he will need to improve if he is to achieve success at the London Olympics.

Percy and Andrew Simpson won gold in the Star class at Beijing in 2008 and will next race at the Sail for Gold regatta at the 2012 venue in Dorset.

"The truth is a lot of improvement is required to get to the level we need to be to win consistently," Percy told BBC Radio Solent.

"We're going to focus on improving our boat and getting as good as we can be."

Percy continued: "Our Olympic programme is mapped out until January 2012, so now it's about getting ourselves better physically, more race sharp and more strategically aware of the Olympic venue.

"For us it [Sail for Gold] will very much be another opportunity to race in Olympic waters.

"You actually get quite limited opportunities to race with a proper fleet of boats and proper competition so this is about using it as a learning tool for London 2012."

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