First Cornish crew pleased with outcome of AZAB race

Martin & Maureen Brooke arrived back in Falmouth on Wednesday

The crew of the first Cornish yacht to finish in the Azores and Back race have said their boat behaved impeccably during the race.

'First Lady' co-skippers Martin and Maureen Brooke from Fowey, sailed back into Falmouth early on Wednesday morning after 24 days at sea.

Martin Brooke told BBC Radio Cornwall: "Thankfully the yacht was beautifully behaved, reliable and strong.

"There were a few touch wood moments but the boat was very, very good."

He continued: "When we first set off the auto pilot was on the blink but we managed to fix it after 24 hours and we managed to hand sail successfully."

The Azores and Back race started in Falmouth on Saturday 4 June.

Of the 49 yachts to start, 21 have now arrived back in Falmouth, with Dutch vessel La Promesse first to cross the finish line.

However, because of the race's handicap system, the final placings will not be decided until all of the boats are back in port.