Susie Goodall: British sailor would attempt Golden Globe Race again 'in a heartbeat'

Watch: British sailor Goodall returns to shore after rescue

Sailor Susie Goodall says she would attempt the Golden Globe Race again "in a heartbeat", despite having to be rescued after her boat capsized.

The 29-year-old Briton lost her mast when her boat pitchpoled during the non-stop solo round-the-world race.

She made it back to dry land nine days after becoming stranded 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn, having been rescued by a 40,000-tonne Chinese cargo ship.

"Some people just live for adventure - it's human nature," said Goodall.

"And for me, the sea is where my adventure lies.

"Having grown up admiring Tracy Edwards and Ellen MacArthur, I just knew that one day I needed to try to do this too."

Goodall was brought ashore in Chile by the country's navy.

"If you asked me if I would I do this again, now knowing what it's really like, I would say 'yes' in a heartbeat," she added.

"But as I said to the Chilean Navy captain who brought me ashore from Tian Fu: 'I created so much work for everyone involved in the rescue.' To which he responded: 'Of course you must do it again.'

"Every seafarer understands the risks involved but that's what makes us stronger and able to overcome other challenges in life."

Listen to Susie Goodall's emergency call

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