Scotland coach Levein focussed solely on Liechtenstein

Scotland coach Craig Levein
Levein is "relaxed" about the Czechs playing before Scotland's match in Vaduz

Scotland coach Craig Levein insists he is not looking further than Saturday's match against Liechtenstein.

The Scots need to take three more points than Czech Republic in the final two rounds of matches to clinch a play-off spot for Euro 2012.

Czech Republic face Lithuania on Tuesday, the same night as Scotland play in Spain.

"If we don't get ourselves in a good position tomorrow then Tuesday doesn't matter," said Levein.

"For me, this game is the one that we have to concentrate on fully and to that end I will play what I consider to be my best team.

"We understand what we're facing. We know that Liechtenstein have improved since we played them.

"So that is a warning in itself, but as I keep saying we've improved enormously in the last year.

"We know what we've got to do, we understand the nature of what we're facing and we're prepared for it."

Levein was talking before the news that Spain had defeated Spain 2-0 in Prague, which means the Scots can go one point ahead should they defeat Liechtenstein in Vaduz.

However, the Scotland coach stressed: "I can only really concentrate on what we can do tomorrow, but I would hate to be in the position where we slip up and let them off the hook, so it's about doing the job properly tomorrow.

"We have to do what we've got to do on Saturday."

The Scots only defeated Group I minnows Liechtenstein a year ago thanks to Stephen McManus's dramatic 97th-minute winner at Hampden.

"We don't need any evidence to show that, if we are not at our best, we won't be successful," the coach said.

"And, if we put in a performance like that this time, we won't beat them.

"The last time we played them, we weren't at our best and we struggled to beat them at home.

"They have taken four points off Lithuania, the same as we have, and were very unlucky recently against Switzerland.

"There is an understanding in their team which makes it very difficult to break them down.

"If we don't move the ball quickly then we will struggle."