Aberdeen Ladies' integration with AFC creating 'buzz around the city'

Aberdeen Women's launch
Aberdeen Ladies have integrated with Aberdeen FC

Aberdeen FC's first ever women's team have unveiled their new management team, who hope the historic launch can create a "buzz around the city".

Former Scotland cap Emma Hunter and Scottish FA regional squad head coach Harley Hamdani will be co-managers.

Aberdeen Ladies are integrating with the Pittodrie club after the side suffered demotion from the second tier of women's football last season.

"It's great the club see potential in the women's game," Hunter said.

"I think it will create a buzz around the city, and I think the resources are key - we've now got professional people who can work with the girls, which is amazing for the whole north region."

Aberdeen became the latest top-level Scottish club to announce major backing for the women's game, with Celtic forming their first full-time professional women's team this year, and Hearts owner Ann Budge recently announcing an annual six-figure investment in the running of their women's side.

Hunter stressed how important the integration with Aberdeen FC can be not just for the future of the city's women's football, but for the entire north of Scotland.

"In the past players have gone down south and we've lost a lot of good players," Hunter said. "I think with this, we'll be able to keep those girls in the game up in the north for as long as possible.

"I think the north is being taken really seriously now - this is only going to benefit them and make things a lot better."

Hamdani added that the team will have access to video analysis and sports science.

"The aim is to gain promotion straight away - we've got a really competitive squad with players that are able to play at that higher level," she said.

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