Shooting star Ben Llewellin looking to emulate father David

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Ben Llewellin: Wales's shooting star

For the Llewellin family, when it comes to sporting success, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Meet former rally champion David and his shooting star son, Ben.

Back in the mid-1990s, a BBC Wales camera crew was filming at the home of two-time British Rally Champion David and a toddler - complete with denim dungarees - can be seen with his mum outside on the family farm.

That toddler is now 22 - and aiming to win a Commonwealth shooting gold medal.

The calm and calculated sport of shooting may seem a world away from the speed and risk of rallying, but both Ben Llewellin and his father believe there are similarities between their two sports.

"Here he's judging the speed of the clay and how fast the target's moving. In a car you're judging the speed and how far away the corner is," says David.

"It's hand-eye co-ordination isn't it?"

Like father, like son

It's not as if Ben turned down the chance of following in his father's footsteps.

He often races with his dad in the off season - and is said to be very quick.

But - out on the range he built in the garden with his 18th birthday money - qualified carpenter Ben has long been committed to the sport of shooting instead.

"It's the success," he says, when asked why he loves it so much - and with a British title, two Welsh titles and a World Cup silver medal he's had plenty of that already.

"When you're on that peg, when it all comes down to shooting the next target, the feeling you get - the adrenaline buzz - is like nothing else."

David and Ben Llewellin
Former rally champion David (right) and his shooting star son, Ben.

Parental advice

Ben competes in Olympic skeet - one of the shotgun categories. From each of eight bases around a semi-circle, he must hit either one or two clay targets fired out at 60mph.

The time between the targets being released and Ben shooting them is often under a second.

Out on his practice range on the family farm near Haverfordwest, he's often accompanied by his dad. There not only to release the bright orange clays - but to offer a fatherly word of support too.

"I had a very disappointing year in 2014 - having missed out on the Commonwealth Games by one target," says Ben.

"I was very disheartened and not sure what to do with myself. But he (David) was able to give me the advice that that's what happens in sport and you have to move on to your next target.

"He's been a massive part of getting where I want to be in the sport."

Ben Llewellin
A young Ben Llewellin films with the BBC

Going for the Gold Coast

Ben's enjoying his most successful season of his career so far.

He's representing Great Britain at every senior competition for the first time and next month travels to Baku, Azerbaijan, for the European Championships.

With the next Commonwealth Games just 10 months away, both Llewellin generations are confident Ben will be there this time - and on the podium too.

"Ben is a pretty determined young man," says David.

"He chose this discipline [of shooting] to take him up to the world level which he's achieved already.

"I have high hopes for Ben for the Commonwealths and the Olympics in the future."

"I want to put my mark on the top step of the podium and have my name amongst the Commonwealth champions," admits Ben.

"The extra four years from 2014 to 2018 have given me so much more experience so I'll have a good opportunity to go there and do what I want to do."

So Ben may be going his own way but the Llewellin family might not have to wait too long for their next rally champion. Ben's teenage brother Tom already has his sights set on a junior rally cross title.

This family affair might just have another chapter.

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