Williams complaint over Shanghai Open final to be investigated

Mark Selby
The Shanghai win is set to move Selby to the top of the world rankings

Snooker chiefs are to investigate an incident involving Mark Selby and Mark Williams in the

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association has launched an inquiry into a snooker that Williams laid in the 17th frame.

Williams, who lost 10-9, was convinced Selby fouled, insisting he struck the pink, but referee Eirian Williams said Selby hit a red first.

"I was robbed. The referee made such an appalling decision," said Williams.

The WPBSA made clear the result of the match would stand, regardless of the inquiry.

At the time of the incident, the Welshman led the best-of-19-frames match 9-7 and was 48-5 ahead in the 17th, but lost the frame in question and the last two of the match.

"It was plain to see that he hit the pink. We didn't need to play it back," added Williams.

But slow-motion replays were inconclusive and there was no freeze-frame option available at the tournament.

WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson will lead the inquiry along with former referee Alan Chamberlain, with finalists Williams and Selby and referee Williams to give statements.

"I want to make very clear from the outset that this inquiry is not part of any disciplinary procedure and has no effect on the outcome of the match," said Ferguson.

"Mark Selby is a deserving champion and won the match fair and square. Our rules state that any decision by the referee is final.

"However, through this inquiry, we will look to establish tighter guidelines for referees when such difficult decisions need to be made."

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