World Snooker Championship: Anthony McGill licensed to charm

Anthony McGill at the World Snooker Championship
Anthony McGill reached the main draw through the qualifiers

Anthony McGill would prefer to be the Morrissey of snooker rather than its James Bond as he attempts to gun down defending world champion Mark Selby.

The 24-year-old was billed "Licensed To Thrill" ahead of his Crucible debut win over compatriot Stephen Maguire.

"My walk-on is The Smiths' 'This Charming Man' and I think I am pretty charming," joked McGill.

"I think my nickname should be 'The Charming Man'. It's as good an effort as 'Licensed To Thrill' I think."

Commentator Rob Walker's introduction at the World Snooker Championship was the latest attempt to thrust a nickname on flame-haired McGill.

He has rejected being dubbed McNugget through comparisons with former world champion Steve Davis - and the Ginger Ninja.

"Some players have names that you can just get nicknames naturally, but there doesn't seem to be one with me," McGill told BBC Scotland.

Morrissey and The Smiths broke up before McGill was born.

"Why The Smiths? Just listen to them, they are just incredible - the best music I've ever heard," he said when asked about his love of the Manchester band.

Anthony McGill and fellow Scot Stephen Maguire in Sheffield
Anthony McGill defeated fellow Scot Stephen Maguire 10-9 in Sheffield

"When I walk out and I hear that, it makes me feel a little bit more comfortable as well."

McGill has no plans to adopt a Bond theme instead but admitted: "Licensed To Thrill? It rhymes, it's catchy, it's cheesy, it makes people smile, so I don't mind it too much."

The Scot came through the qualifiers before edging out former UK champion Maguire 10-9 in his first appearance at the Crucible.

"It was just amazing," he said. "When you walk down that little corridor and the Crucible opens, it was just the best experience ever.

"I could do that a million times and not get sick of it.

"Considering it was my debut here, I thought I played a pretty good match and it was a terrific win.

"Stephen wasn't at his best. He let me off the hook a little bit, but take it when you can get it."

McGill insisted he did not feel under any pressure on his debut.

"I was extremely calm," he added. "I wasn't nervous at all in the dressing-room.

"When I could hear the crowd, my heart started jumping out my chest at that moment.

"But, when I took my seat and started playing, I was fine again."

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