Ali Carter: Son Max 'drive' to recover from cancer

Ali Carter
Two-time World Championship finalist Ali Carter has recovered from both lung and testicular cancer

Ali Carter says his son Max was his drive to recover from lung cancer.

Last week, the 36-year-old won the Paul Hunter Classic, his first pro title since having the all-clear in December.

"I came into my house after being diagnosed with the lung tumour and Max looked at me and said 'Daddy, you're my best friend'," he told BBC Essex.

"I went upstairs and cried my eyes out. I don't know why he said it at that time, he obviously sensed something and I said to myself this cannot go wrong."

He continued: "(I said to myself) 'I cannot afford to leave my son, he needs my guidance and help in life'. That was my driving force to get through it.

Carter, who also suffers from Crohn's disease and previously recovered from testicular cancer, moved up to a world ranking of 25 by beating Shaun Murphy in the final of the tournament in Germany.

The former world number two has lost twice in the World Championship final, both times to fellow Essex player Ronnie O'Sullivan, but says that if he can still win the biggest tournament in the sport.

"I definitely can do it (win the World Championship)," he said.

"If I can get through what I've gone through and go and win a tournament like that, anyone can do anything if they want it bad enough. Hopefully people can look at me as an inspiration."

The Paul Hunter Classic is named after snooker player Paul Hunter, who died after a battle with cancer in October 2006.

And Carter says it was fitting that this was his first tournament to win after his own battle.

"It was by far the best win of my career," said Carter. "It just seemed like fate that I won this tournament after what Paul suffered with and I suffered with.

"He had a horrendous battle, so to win that tournament is extra special."

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