Matthew Selt says his ban is "draconian" after tweets

By Shamoon HafezBBC Sport
Matthew Selt
Matthew Selt has reached the quarter-final of a ranking event five times in his career

World number 25 Matthew Selt has described his two-tournament ban by snooker's governing body as a "draconian measure".

Selt was deemed to have brought the game into disrepute with tweets the WPBSA described as "offensive".

"They have set a precedent with this punishment. I now expect any player who does what I have done to get similar disciplinary action," he said.

Selt, 31, says he accepts the sanction and will not be making an appeal.

Englishman Selt had previously been warned about his conduct on social media, but says he "kept making the same mistakes" after a member of the public made a complaint to the governing body about his conduct online.

He will now miss the Riga Masters in Latvia in June and August's Paul Hunter Classic in Germany.

"Social media is not there to be tweeting like a robot, the ban won't change my personality but I will refrain from swearing," Selt told BBC Sport.

"I don't swear all the time anyway, it was only a couple of times which is why I feel the ban is a little bit wrong.

"There are plenty of other players ranked higher than me who are using profanities and being more rude than I am. I am confused as to how World Snooker want to monitor me and nothing is being done about them.

"If someone gives you a bit of stick, I am 100% entitled to give it back. If you are not being malicious, I don't see what the problem is."

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