Young Sports Personality of the Year: Terms and conditions

Young Sports Personality of the Year

This award goes to the outstanding young sportsperson aged 17 or under on 1 January 2017, selected from nominations made to the BBC and by sports governing bodies via the Youth Sport Trust. Nominations close on 16 November 2017.

Young sportspeople are eligible to win the award if they are citizens of the UK or all three of the following criteria apply:

  • They play a significant amount of their sport in the UK
  • Their core achievements that year were achieved in the UK, and not with a national team (in which case they would more likely qualify for the Overseas Sports Personality award)
  • They are residents in the UK

Judging panel

The panel meets to decide the top 10 contenders from the list of nominations collected by the Youth Sport Trust and the BBC. They will select the winner by secret ballot and the final vote will be independently verified.

The top three will be announced on Blue Peter and invited to the live event at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

The other top seven contenders will be notified out of courtesy that they have not made the final shortlist.

The winner will be announced live on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year programme and the BBC Sport website on Sunday, 17 December 2017.

The 2017 panel will be announced in full at a later date and will again include a successful applicant to this year's Blue Peter Sport Badge.

The young judge selected by Blue Peter will be done so using the following criteria:

• The applicant will have been successful in their application for a Blue Peter Sport Badge 2017 and the overall quality of the Sport Badge application may also be taken into consideration.

• The quality of the answer to the following question will be assessed: "Why would you make a great judge for Young Sports Personality of the Year 2017?" The answer must demonstrate a passion for sport, show why they are good at making decisions and be all their own work. If there is any reasonable doubt about this the application will not be considered.

• In a phone interview the candidates will be assessed on their suitability for the role, confidence in a judging situation and ability to deal with the task and appearing on camera.

• Being part of the panel that decides who wins Young Sports Personality of the Year 2017 is a responsible role, so the young judge will need to be confident working with adults and making informed decisions.