Teacher Testimonials

children dancing

Teachers from around the UK have been sharing their experience of getting their classes active using Super Movers. Check out their top tips. Send in your testimonials to supermovers@bbc.co.uk

Stephen Lockyer is Curriculum Enrichment Leader for the Lumen Learning Trust, which comprises three primary schools in Surrey

"Super Movers represented an easy way to get more exercise into the ordinary classroom. Often teachers use Super Movers as a warm up or as a reward. Some teachers use Super Movers before lunch, some after lunch and some are using it as a break to mark the change from one activity to another in lessons.

Key Stage 1 like the videos because they have familiar characters they are used to seeing on TV. Their teacher likes the fact that the alphabet song (performed by CBBC's Naomi Wilkinson) features both lowercase and uppercase letters. She will pause the video at different points to talk about individual letters to make sure the children are absorbing the learning points. The videos are good for drilling some of the less exciting aspects of grammar."

Dan King is a Year 4 class teacher and PE leader at Corpus Christi Primary School, Bournemouth

"Corpus Christi School is just two minutes' walk from AFC Bournemouth's ground. We represented AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League School competition in 2016 so the Super Movers link with the world of football has been a powerful incentive for many of our children. It is a very marketable brand which has a strong appeal for those boys in our school who struggle with learning. It engages them and they try that bit harder. On the other hand, I have been very impressed that the BBC has used such a range of different celebrities, performers and sports people and there is such a good balance of gender and ethnicity so it appeals to a wide range of pupils.

Now our children are thinking and learning on their feet, getting active and having fun at the same time. Super Movers is one more tool in our armoury to make our children fitter and more responsive to learning. "

Richard McKean, Depute at King's Park Primary School, Glasgow

"Super Movers is a new innovative and fun way for our pupils to engage their bodies and brains in learning. Teachers can look at a range of videos on the BBC website and choose the best one to help support learning and teaching. The website is packed with a variety of fun videos linked to different aspects of the curriculum for example number bonds, punctuation and aspects of grammar. Pupils are now up and moving, being active and learning at the same time. It's a multisensory approach which energises our pupils to have fun whilst learning"

Emma Burnell, Headteacher at Tividale Community School, Oldbury

"Super Movers has brought a whole new dimension to the creative buzz around Tividale Community Primary School. The staff and pupils value and adore the sessions, and we make sure there are plenty of opportunities to do some Super Moves throughout the day...indoor sessions, playtimes, assemblies...Year 1 even get Super Moving in our forest school, doing a 'dance search' for mini-beasts whilst practising their 10 times table and singing along with Webster the Spider."

Miss Henderson at Calderwood Primary School, Rutherglen, Scotland

"The children are really engaged with it (which can be hard as they get older). It is especially good for helping them practise their times tables and I've even had some parents telling me that their child is using it at home."