Five ways to get children active during February half term

February half term is possibly the most challenging school holiday when it comes to keeping kids busy and active. It's often cold and wet and the family might prefer to stay indoors. According to the NHS, children need 60 minutes of 'moderate to vigorous physical activity' every day. Here are five fun activities to get everyone up and moving.

1. Imaginative indoor games

Father is attacked by sons with cardboard swords.

Maybe you could build a cardboard castle together and play knights and dragons? How about starting your own indoor Olympics with makeshift medals for prizes? Or sometimes there's nothing better than a classic game of hide and seek.

You can use as much or as little material as you like, but get inventive and make it active! Tap into their brilliant imagination and let the fun begin.

2. Dance along to a video

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HomeBros Easy Fun challenge

Dancing is a great exercise that's really easy to do at home and known to boost mood and focus, ideal for those grey winter afternoons! These videos can get the whole family together with recognisable BBC characters and sport stars to cheer you on.

Take turns at a Level One video, then see who can make it through to Level Two. It's harder than you think! There are also Brain Booster videos for when you want to take advantage of that extra focus, with all sorts of school subjects for Key Stage One and Two.

3. Rock climbing

Young boy poses in front of climbing wall.

It might seem like a scary thought at first, but indoor rock climbing could be the perfect activity for kids this half-term. It's a great cardiovascular exercise and helps them to build strength, but also allows them to pick their own targets, which, however small, can lead to a great sense of achievement.

Most indoor climbing centres will have child-friendly courses and training, as well as bigger walls if parents want to get involved, so take a look and see what's near you.

4. Walking around a place they love

Grandfather and grandson look around aircraft museum.

It can be difficult to persuade kids to walk for long distances, but they need to be active throughout the day and walking can be a great physical activity. A sure-fire way to get them treading without complaint is to take them somewhere they love and have an interest in; preferably somewhere indoors and out of the cold! This could be a castle, a football stadium tour, or one of the many, many museums out there.

5. Spot the first signs of spring

Parents take their two young children on a winter nature walk.

While it can be agreed that last year's 'flurry' went a little over the top, you have to admit that this February half term will be looking a bit sullen without any snow, which is what the reports are pointing to.

But, despite the inevitable wet and grey gloom, it's still worth braving the outdoors. Wrap the kids up in a jumper or two, pack an umbrella, and take them into nature. You could even create a bingo card for spotting the first signs of spring; shoots of daffodils, bumblebees, and other warm weather creatures should all be making their first appearances of the year. Whether you're on foot or on a bike, a few hours of bug hunting will prove a fun, memorable, and active day out.

Super Movers aims to get children moving throughout the day with lots of free, easy-to-use video resources and great football-inspired incentives like a visit from the Premier League Trophy. Brain Booster routines star famous faces and cover key areas of Numeracy and Literacy. They can be used in the classroom or at home to help children feel refreshed and energised whilst learning. Why not have a go?