Gabby Logan's top seven tips to keep fit

Gabby Logan is best known for her presenting on BBC Sport as well as being an ambassador for the Super Movers campaign. Keeping fit and healthy is important to Gabby and despite having a busy career and family life, she manages to keep staying active a priority. We spoke to Gabby to find out what her top tips are to keep you and your family up and active.

1. Walking the dogs

Gabby Logan with her dog

Gabby loves to get out in the fresh air as much as possible to walk her two dogs, a boxer Milo and labradoodle Maggie. Like most dog-owners, Gabby finds their enthusiasm for running around in nature contagious and so schedules in hour long walks with her dogs as much as possible.

"I love how you're not even thinking about activity when you're walking - you're just doing it - and when you get home, you've been out for an hour in the fresh air and cleared your head. I usually have a very peaceful hour, which is rare, so I do value those times."

Studies have shown that getting out in nature can have a real impact on mental health as well as physical - so what's good for your dog is just as good for you!

2. Yoga

Gabby Logan yoga

Yoga is an activity that Gabby sees herself doing until she's 100 years old.

"I think it's so important as you get older to keep flexible and obviously back health is really important as well".

She first took up yoga 20 years ago and now really misses it if she doesn't manage to fit in at least one or two sessions a week.

"I think it's important to think about the demands you put on your body as you get older. I'm really mindful that I've got to keep flexible and although I love weights training and running, I think it's kind of the antidote to a lot of that in terms of the stretching".

Gabby also recommends yoga for the mindfulness and mental health benefits; creating some much-needed time out of a busy schedule while still improving flexibility and muscle strength.

Fancy trying out your downward dog? Find out how to get into yoga here.

3. Weights

Gabby Logan lifting weights

Gabby has been weight-training for the past seven to eight years and loves the feeling of getting stronger and learning a new technique.

"As you get older, it's harder and harder to retain and build muscle and it's so important for things like osteoporosis".

Her busy lifestyle means that even if she doesn't have much time in her week to exercise, weight training can be great way to fit in an intensive workout into a short period of time.

"If you know you can't train for a few days you know that that [weights] workout you've done is having an accumulative effect". And like with yoga, Gabby finds weight-training just as good for her mental health as physical.

"You can be mindful with weights - you have to be very precise with your movements".

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4. Workout with friends

Gabby Logan Barre class

For a workout with friends, Gabby recommends giving barre classes a go. Barre classes combine ballet inspired moves and strength training, and typically incorporate a ballet barre.

"The moves that you do are very intense for the muscles but you're also using flexibility at the same time" says Gabby.

It's a great one to do with a group of friends, as you're all close together and it provides a great bonding experience. But it's not one for the faint hearted; Gabby's main Barre teacher was one of the finalists on SAS Who Dares Wins.

"Anyone who thinks it's an easy option - think again!"

Having a supportive exercise partner can really help to boost your workout levels - so not only can you have a good catch up with a mate you're also boosting your fitness levels.

5. Workout with family

Gabby and Kenny playing tennis

Gabby plays tennis with her husband Kenny and her 13-year-old twins Reuben and Lois, which provides some valuable family bonding time, as a well as a good session of HIIT.

"Because of the nature of the fitness it's stop, start so it's good for cardio but also you're playing a game, you're playing for points, you are almost distracted about the amount of time you've been on the court because you're either playing sets or you've got a target to hit".

Working out as a family is a great way to motivate each other - check out the Just for Fun videos on Super Movers to get some quick bursts of activity together.

6. Motivate the kids

Gabby Logan's children on a walk

Gabby is a big advocate for setting an example of an active lifestyle so that your kids follow suit. Whether it's going for a run with them in the pram or doing some lunges with them while you're at the park, Gabby's advice is to normalise exercise and get active with them as much as possible.

"If you go to the swimming baths - get in with them - don't just watch them. Kids want to be like their parents so I think all those ways of making it feel like it's something that you do will help them find [activity] a positive experience".

Gabby also thinks it's important to encourage your kids to try out lots of different activities and sport, even if you don't, so that they can find what activity they really enjoy and then turn it into a habit from an early age.

"Trying to project a positive attitude towards exercise and movement to [your kids] will encourage them to feel the same way about it and to have that positive mindset about it".

"If you've got a child of 5 or 6 who loves moving, who loves sport, who loves all the positive benefits they feel from exercise, they're more likely to carry on through teenage years and then beyond that into adulthood".

7. Motivate yourself

Gabby Logan at the start line of a race

It's a cliché, but the first step of breaking a habit is always the hardest.

"The Couch to 5k is a really good idea because you start off walking and then jogging and then walking and then bringing those jogs together to the point where you are doing a whole kilometre. That is a really good model that you can apply that to any kind of exercise."

Gabby also recommends treating yourself to some new workout gear;

"You might feel this is the new me, this is the person that wears this stuff now and it might just help to motivate you a bit further".

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