London 2012 place gives Ross Davenport mixed feelings

Ross Davenport


Aquatics Centre, London Olympic Park
3-10 March

Ross Davenport had mixed feelings after securing his place for the London 2012 Olympics at the British Championships.

The 27-year-old was fourth fastest in the 200m freestyle so earned a relay spot but he did not make the individual event in what will be his third Games.

However runner-up Ieuan Lloyd failed to make the qualifying time so the second place has still not been decided.

"I feel like the cat that has got the cream - but missed out on the rat," the Derbyshire swimmer said.

"The main thing is I have got my ticket for the Olympics so I am pretty chuffed, but I am also disappointed at the same time."

Lloyd placed second to Robbie Renwick, but 0.31 seconds outside the time required by British Swimming to qualify for the individual event.

But as with Davenport, the Welshman is guaranteed a place in the 4x200m relay team and has other opportunities to secure the individual qualifying time.

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