Hannah Miley bulked up to win gold for Great Britain in Istanbul

By Nick HopeBBC Sport at the World Short Course Swimming Championships in Istanbul
Hannah Miley 'chuffed' to win World Championship gold

World short course champion Hannah Miley believes changes to her diet and sleeping patterns have been the key to her improved post-Olympic form.

"I always work by the theory if you do what you've always done then you'll get what you've always got," she said.

"I've changed when I sleep and also experimented being a little heavier."

The Scottish Commonwealth champion, who uses boxing and rock climbing to aid her pool-based training, added: "Every season we try something different.

"I used to love having a few hours sleep between sessions, but now I'm trying more 20-30 minute power naps. I feel like I have much more energy during the day."

Miley continued: "I've also tried to gain a little more weight because I always start at about 53kg and I'm trying to gain a little and move up to around 55-56kg.

"It makes me a little bit more robust and it means I can fight off a few more illnesses and colds."

Miley, who is coached by her father Patrick, admitted there was a "lot of pressure" on her to repeat the performance she delivered in winning European gold in a new European record of 4 minutes 23.47 last month and was surprised to lower that time to 4.23.14 in Turkey.

"I had not expected to go that quick," stated the two-time Olympian.

Miley 'gutted' not to win London 2012 medal

"It's been a nice little surprise and it's great to see how the work we are doing early in the season is coming through."

The swimmer hopes her success can inspire others in the sport and help generate a few positive headlines for British Swimming after the political fallout which followed a "disappointing" London Olympics.

"I have been reading the stories and I think it [British Swimming] can be in a good place but I think it's just up to our swimmers to stand up and make our mark," said Miley.

"We need to show that we can be independent, take control of what we need to do and swim fast regardless of the environment.

"We have a lot of talent coming through and it's very exciting so hopefully we can pull together and get the results we need from the major meets."