World Championships hopes 'very small', says Hannah Miley

Hannay Miley
Hannah Miley won bronze at last year's European Championship in Glasgow

Hannah Miley says her chances of making the World Championships are "very small" but she is just happy to be back competing after ankle surgery.

Commonwealth gold medallist Miley, 29, qualified third fastest in four minutes 45 seconds for Tuesday's 400m individual medley final at the British Championships in Glasgow.

Only the winner is guaranteed a spot in the British team for July's World Championships in South Korea.

"I'm not quite sure what to expect from this meet," Scot Miley said.

"I might not go much quicker than what I just did there. But for me, it's the small steps; it's the processes of constantly moving forward.

"It always feels good. I love a good race and tonight will certainly be a good race. I might be miles behind or I might be up with these girls, I don't know.

"I need to be confident enough to put myself in these positions and just see where it's at."

'It's a clean slate'

Miley, who has won silver and bronze medals at the biennial long course World Championships, had surgery last year.

"I've only been able to use my ankle a little bit since January so for the 400 medley that's not a lot of training so I'm definitely not in peak form or at peak fitness," she said.

"I'm fit in other senses because I've had to change up my training and do things differently.

"It's down to the experience I've got. I've got many years behind me but for me it's just being able to enjoy it, just being able to go behind the block with a smile on my face and just take it as it comes. There's no big pressure or expectation for me this year.

"I've not written it off but I'm not going to go out there and say, 'I'm targeting this'. It's a clean slate. I'm just going to stand up there and give it my all."

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