Guernsey dominates table tennis at Island Games

Alice Loveridge
Teenager Loveridge won four gold medals at the Isle of Wight Games

Guernsey's table tennis players dominated all but one event at the 2011 Island Games.

The island players won gold in all the events in the Isle of Wight except the men's singles, and also picked up a silver and a bronze medal.

It was a one-two in the mixed doubles as Garry Dodd and Alice Loveridge beat fellow Sarnians Olly Langlois and Dawn Morgan 9-11 11-7 12-10 7-11 11-9.

Loveridge, who is just 16, also took the honours in the women's singles.

In the same event Morgan won a bronze medal before the pair teamed up to win the final of the women's doubles.

Dodd and Langlois met with the same success in the men's doubles.

Earlier in the week Guernsey also secured gold in the team event, only dropping a single game in the competition.

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