Tokyo 2020: Jade Jones chases Olympic taekwondo hat-trick

Jade Jones
Jade Jones won Olympic gold at London 2012 and Rio 2016

World taekwondo champion Jade Jones says she wants to "become a legend" by winning a third consecutive Olympic gold next summer.

No British woman has ever won three Olympic titles in succession.

A year out from the Tokyo Games, Jones says she wants to be in better shape than she was when she won the world title in May.

"I was chuffed with the World Championships but being a perfectionist I always want more," said Jones.

"I know I've got to be even better and on my game to get that [Olympic] gold medal."

The feeling of winning

The 26-year-old from Flint in North Wales is also a double European champion, European Games gold medallist and Youth Olympic champion.

Jones admits that during the toughest training sessions she thinks 'why am I doing it? I've won everything'.

But the prospect of making history in Tokyo keeps her going.

"I would become a legend if I did this and I would do something that nobody had done," says Jones.

"I just love the feeling of winning - it's addictive - so I just want to keep winning."

After winning her first World Championship gold in May in Manchester, Jones said she may even target a fourth Olympics at Paris 2024.

Now she admits winning gold in Tokyo could be "the end of a story" but is not certain she will walk away afterwards.

"Because the training is so hard and our life is in cycles, I can only ever see to the next [Olympics]," she says.

"I still can't imagine retiring in a year. I'm just going to do that one [Tokyo] and see how I feel after that."

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