US Open 2011: Quotes of the day

"It was just a normal cramp that could have happened anywhere, but it happened in the press room. Anywhere else, nobody would have noticed." Rafael Nadal explains his mysterious slide under the table at a news conference.

"Rafa's human, I think some people forget that sometimes. It was incredibly humid. He very rarely plays that early so if you mess up your eating or your drinking before the match, you can get yourself in a bad way. I'm glad he's alright. I'm sure it was a bit of a shock for him." Andy Murray has plenty of sympathy for the defending champion.

"Not to put a dampener on the story, which I know you guys think is really big, but people cramp after matches when you're cold." Andy Roddick on Slumpgate. Sorry, Nadal's cramp.

"I've always quite enjoyed playing against guys that have come forward against me. He does make quite a bit of mistakes at times." Andy Murray admits he doesn't mind it when an opponent makes 44 unforced errors as Feliciano Lopez did.

"As comfortable as the previous round was hairy, impressive from Andy Murray as he wins 61 64 62 v Lopez. 78% 2nd serve pts won - tidy." Daily Mail correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter.external-link

"GSM Andy Murray 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. A lot more like it on a particularly tricky evening for tennis. Donald Young next up." Times correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter.external-link

"Easy nite for andy..." Boris Becker on Twitter.external-link

"I started to have the sensation of throwing up. With nothing inside, nothing came out." Italy's Flavia Pennetta is as relieved as the crowd that she avoided 'an incident' on the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

"I've been through times I didn't want to play or pick up a racquet anymore, didn't want to watch TV because they'd be talking bad about me." Former American bad boy Donald Young is enjoying some good press.

"Steffi is Steffi, and we are the next generation. I think we have now a lot of players which playing very well. And, yeah, for the German tennis, it's great." Angelique Kerber on the resurgence of German women's tennis.