Andy Murray praises instant impact of new coach Ivan Lendl

Andy Murray believes new coach Ivan Lendl has improved his game already.

The British number one appointed Lendl, the winner of eight Grand Slam titles, in December.

Murray reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open before losing a five-set thriller to Novak Djokovic, but says Lendl has made a difference.

"I spent five days with him before the Australian Open and I feel like I improved just in those days," Murray told the BBC.

"I'll go and spend a lot more time with him and work harder, and that's really all that you can do."

World number four Murray has 22 ATP titles to his name but has yet to win a Grand Slam after losing three finals.

The Scot could benefit from the experience of Lendl, 51, who lost his first four Grand Slam finals.

But Murray, 24, admitted that he is inspired by Djokovic, who dominated 2011, losing just six matches all year.

"The turnaround was incredible and he was struggling at the end of the year before," Murray said.

"That's the thing. It is small margins of one break or one match and it doesn't have to be in a Slam - it could be any time.

"Sometimes things can just click and you can make big improvements, and I feel like I made a big improvement in Australia."

Murray has played in an era dominated by what many regard as three of the greatest players of all time in Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic.

He added: "Everything that's happened in the past, you would say Federer and Nadal are the greatest players ever and Djokovic, the last year, had probably the greatest year ever.

"This year's a new year; it's irrelevant what's happened in the past.

"I'm not saying I'm going to win 16 Grand Slams, but if I can get a few then you can be remembered in the same breath as those guys - you had those great matches; you won Slams in the same time as them."

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