Andy Murray column: Winning Grand Slam gave me nightmares

By Andy MurrayBritish number one
Andy Murray beats Tomas Berdych in ATP World Tour opener

The moment it really sank in that I'd won the US Open was when I woke up in a cold sweat at home after a bad dream.

I've had a few confusing dreams this year - a couple of days after Wimbledon I dreamt that I'd actually won it, and was gutted to open my eyes and realise I hadn't.

And on the Thursday after I got back from the US Open, I was sleeping on the couch at home and this time I dreamt I'd lost the final. When I woke up I had to ask myself, "did that actually happen?"

That was when it hit me that I really had won my first Grand Slam title.

The moment of victory on court in New York was great at the time, but it's not really until a few days afterwards that you can begin to take on board what has actually happened.

I guess there will be no room for doubts when I finally get my replica of the US Open trophy.

The day after winning the tournament you do lots of media with the real one and then they take it away. As I said after my match at the O2 on Monday, I'm still waiting to receive my trophy, and it reminded me that I might need to clear a bit of space at home.

I don't have a trophy room but I have a cabinet in a room where my girlfriend also paints - it's like a mini office. The cabinet's not that big and, although I haven't seen it yet, I'm told I'll be getting a full-size replica. That might require a bit of DIY when I get a moment.

It's really good to be back home and the reception I got when I walked onto court to play Tomas Berdych on Monday was great. It gives you such a boost, but I'm happy to say life hasn't changed too much off the court.

I spoke to my coach Ivan Lendl about that at the French Open earlier this year, as I had a few concerns about what would happen if I won a Slam - would my life change a lot? He won eight Slams during his career and he spoke to me about his experiences, what changed for him and what didn't, and everything has been positive for me since then.

One thing I can rely on is that all my friends and family have stayed the same - there's no chance any of them will change towards me.

It's great to have fellow Britons Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins at the O2 after they made it as the alternates for the doubles tournament. I practised with them a couple of days ago and I went out for dinner with Ross on Sunday night.

I used to practise with Colin when I was 11 and I've known Ross since I was 12 or 13, and the last couple of years they've been doing well so they've been around a lot of the same tournaments as me. Jonny Marray has also done well this year, so he's been at some tournaments too and I obviously play with my brother sometimes.

The girls, Laura Robson and Heather Watson, have had great years and with Anne Keothavong and Elena Baltacha too, it means that at the big tournaments, when you're around for a few weeks, there are a few British players and familiar faces. We didn't always have that.

Hopefully, I can keep the British sporting success story going a bit longer at the O2 over the next week. I made a great start with the win over Berdych but it was really tight, and all the matches here will be like that.

Anyway, I know that people have been sending questions for me on Twitter so thanks for that. Here are a few answers and I'll get back to you at the end of the tournament and answer a few more.

Toady @toady

They have dropped "London Calling" as walk on song; what would your choice of walk on song be?

"We have got to choose a song a few times, like at the Davis Cup. That brings an added pressure! There's an Eminem song called 'Not Afraid' that I like - that would be good.

Andrew Furness @AndyFurness

If you could win any tournament/achievement in any other sport, which would it be?

"It would be cool to win the 100m at the Olympics and be the fastest man in the world. I never do 100m in training because there's a chance you could pull your hamstring, but I do 400m sometimes. The fastest I've done is about 52 seconds, which is reasonable but still a long, long way short of Olympic standard. To give you a bit of context, Mo Farah ran a 52 second lap in the 5000m final, but it was after he'd already run 4600m!"

Eugene Tinnelly @eugenetinnelly

What is your favourite Bond film?

"Goldfinger. I love Bond and, yes, I've seen the new one. I haven't met Daniel Craig but I've met Sean Connery."

Steve Roberts @zill64

Who is the biggest inspiration - Sir Alex or Sir Sean?

"I'd have to say Sir Alex Ferguson, purely because he's been involved in sport and for the success he's had over a long period, and the motivation he's had to keep doing the job so well at the top of the game. But in terms of something I enjoy watching, I love Bond movies. And I think Connery is the best. I loved both of them watching my matches during the US Open."

Jay @catorjay

After an amazing year do you think this is the turning point for British tennis, both men's and women's?

"I think you need to sustain it for a few years. We've had four girls in the top 100 and Laura and Heather have made a big push this year. They're around 50 in the world, but on the men's side we could do with a bit more depth still. The doubles on the guys side has been fantastic and the singles on the women's side has been great too, so if we could get maybe a couple more doubles players on the women's side and a couple more male players on the singles, that's really what we need to try to achieve. But we've got a lot of good young guys in the juniors, so there's hope there."

Letitia Murrell @tinytish

If you could play anyone past or present who would it be and why?

"Now that I've been working with him I'd love to have played my coach Ivan Lendl at his peak - that would have been fun and there would have been plenty of banter. When I was growing up, Andre Agassi was a guy I loved watching and I just missed playing him before he finished. I got to practise with him a few times but when I first got on the tour, he retired after the summer when I started doing well so I never got to play him. At this point I suppose I must admit that I did have some of those denim and lycra shorts he used to wear on court, not the best look!"

Alex Napier @alexnapier10

On the tour what's your favourite destination and why?

"I like going to Miami because I have a place there and I'm very familiar with the city. I think Melbourne's a cool place to go as well. The Australian Open is a great event; they love sport there, everything is really close by and convenient, the weather's really good and the people are nice."

fizah02 @fizah02

What is your favourite meal and dessert on an off day?

"There's a few but if I'm in a restaurant, basically ice cream - I love good ice cream."

Dan @Hayes_Potter

How do you like your eggs?

"I hate scrambled eggs. I like fried eggs on a bagel. Omelettes…. I'm OK with. I'd say fried eggs would be my number one choice."

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