Andy Murray: Marriage, best men and tennis commentary

Andy Murray
Murray helped Great Britain win their recent Davis Cup tie against United States in Glasgow

It is a big year for Andy Murray - and not only because he is looking to add to his two Grand Slam titles.

The 27-year-old Scot, who is back at number four in the world after dropping down the rankings following back surgery, is to marry girlfriend Kim Sears in April.

Murray is as relaxed about that as he has been this week at the ATP event in Indian Wells, where he has progressed to the quarter-finals.

He loosened up in more ways than one as he chatted to BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller and BBC Scotland's Kheredine Idessane in the commentary box...

Murray on his forthcoming wedding

Kim Sears
Kim Sears cheers Murray on at Wimbledon last year

"It is three weeks on Saturday, that's all I know. Tennis players aren't normally very good with dates.

"We just know it is the Indian Wells week or the Monte Carlo week or whatever. So I know it is the weekend before Monte Carlo and the weekend after Miami.

"We will probably do the honeymoon later in the year, probably in the off-season. I am not sure where we're going to go yet, but there's a few ideas.

"I am actually not nervous about getting married because we've been together like nine-and-a-half years and we've lived together for six or seven years as well.

"So I don't think a whole lot's going to change. I kind of feel like we have been married already in terms of the way we spend our lives together and live together.

"I think I will be more nervous about starting a family because that would be more life-changing, in a good way."

Murray on his choice of best man

The Murray brothers with Ross Hutchins in 2011
Jamie Murray, left, and Ross Hutchins, right, will be two of Andy Murray's best men

"My brother Jamie's one. Ross Hutchins is also going to be a best man and hopefully a good friend in Barcelona [Peruvian Carlos Mier, who was Murray's room-mate at the Sanchez-Casal Academy].

"But I'm not sure yet if he [Mier] is going to be able to come. He's in Singapore just now and I'm going to try to get him over.

"Kim has four bridesmaids and no maid of honour and I was saying, 'imagine you had to pick one of your four best friends you've had since you were at school'.

"It is very, very difficult to choose one. She was like 'go on, pick one', but I said no.

"I didn't spend a lot of time with my brother when we were 15 to 20 really, because he was training in France and I was training in Spain.

"Carlos, he was my best friend during that time, which were very important years in my life, when I moved away from my family and friends.

"He was the guy who was always there for me. I feel like he knows me extremely well.

"My brother obviously knows me from a child - and Ross over the last six or seven years. We've become extremely close and been through a lot together as well.

"Picking one was a very difficult thing to do because I had three guys that were clearly my three best friends and I would like all them to be involved in some way."

Murray on commentating

Andy Murray
Murray is currently ranked fourth in the world

"It looks a lot easier from up here, that's for sure. It's extremely simple. Every shot looks easy when you're watching from the commentary box, but it certainly isn't.

"The one thing I think I would do as a commentator is give more credit to the players, because I have a good idea how tricky the conditions are here. But I don't think I have the voice to be a good broadcaster."