Andy Murray: 500 career wins but how many pairs of sweatbands?

Andy Murray

Andy Murray: 10 years, two Grand Slams and 500 wins.

The first Briton to reach 500 match wins

How each year of wins shaped up

435.7 Aces hit

57% 1st Serves in

153 Double faults

74% 1st serve points

Murray could eat 1,161 burgers & chips for all the calories he burned

Murray's fastest ever serve: 145mph

The same as the top speed of a Lotus Elise

During his career, Murray has travelled

Around the world 48 times = 100 days of travelling

He could have flown to the moon and back twice

Mars is 33.9m miles away, and could be 3.5% of the way there

Longest and shortest matches

294 mins US Open final victory 2012 v Djokovic

34 mins ATP Masters Series 2007 v Volandri

Time on court

On average, he has spent 113 hours or 4.5 days playing per year

Where did he win his 500 matches?

70.8% hard, 12.6% clay, 14.6% grass

2% of wins were played on carpet...

Countries visited

USA: 52

Spain: 24

France: 17

Italy: 13

Australia: 13

Canada: 10

Who he's faced the most?

Novak Djokovic 23

Roger Federer 22

Rafael Nadal 21

Gilles Simon 15

David Ferrer 14

Stan Wawrinka 14

During his 500 wins

Murray has used 12.5 miles of racquet string. That's 182 Centre Courts back-to-back

He ran 1,242 miles - equivalent to: 47 marathons

He drank 2,000 litres of water

He used 2,000 pairs of sweatbands... enough for everyone who attended the Royal Wedding in 2011