Andy Murray column: Roger Federer has never served better

Highlights: Federer defeats Murray
Wimbledon 2015
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Roger Federer has never served better against me than he did in Friday's match on Centre Court, and I hope he never does it again.

It was the 24th time we've played each other, and in our last match at the O2 in November I only won one game, but even then it wasn't like I was getting aced off the court and couldn't touch the ball.

At one point on Friday I looked up at the scoreboard and it was 3-2 and he'd served nine aces, and I thought, 'What's going on?' It was his best serving performance in one of our matches and not just by a little bit, by far.

Federer serve was fantastic - Murray

Losing at Wimbledon is especially tough because I feel like it's my best surface and I get incredible support, so it's probably my best chance to win another Grand Slam.

We'll see over the next few days if it makes the disappointment easier to bear this time, but it's not like I came off the court and thought that I did something stupid or played some ridiculous shots at the wrong times. Roger just played great and deserved to win.

Obviously you go into a Wimbledon semi-final against Roger knowing the level is going to be higher, but I didn't feel like my tennis wasn't where it needed to be.

When I was in the rallies, I felt fine. The level was there. It's just that his serving was so good that I couldn't get into enough rallies to make it count.

I tried moving and changing my returning position as much as I could, and I won more than my fair share of points when he missed the first serve, he just didn't miss enough of them. I would be interested to see the ball placements of where they actually landed because it felt like they were all right on the line, or very close.

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The crowd did their best to help me and I felt like they were really pumped in that long game at the end of the second set, but it was probably hard for them to get as involved as they might like throughout the match when I couldn't create any break points after the first game.

There are always moments in a defeat when you look back and think you might have done something differently, but not many this time.

Maybe in the first set, when I got broken, I came in twice on his backhand when I had the full court open into his forehand. I felt like I could have hit those forehands to a different spot on the court, but he came up with some great passes.

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But it was pretty clear to me what the problem was and the stats that flashed up on the scoreboard at the changeovers confirmed it.

They only have the basic information like first-serve percentage, first-serve points won, second-serve points won, but it was clear that the difference in the match was his first serve. We both won about the same amount of points on each other's second serve up until the last game.

I served very well for most of the match but he just won a few more of my first-serve points and I couldn't win enough of his. It's a shame it had to happen in such a big match.

The next few days will be difficult but I have Britain's Davis Cup tie against France at Queen's Club to focus on next week and, while it's hard to imagine it now, I know that I'll be as pumped as ever once I get back out on court - I love representing my country and playing Davis Cup.

Jamie Murray
Jamie Murray won the mixed doubles title at Wimbledon in 2007

In the meantime, my brother Jamie and John Peers play in the Wimbledon men's doubles final on Saturday and a win for them would help me get over my own disappointment, for sure - although it's not their job to worry about me.

It's hard to explain but Jamie and I have left each other alone during the tournament.

If we were playing in the same team, it's different, but there will be a lot of people getting excited around Jamie and I'll just wish him luck and let him be.

He's got a good team of people around him and they'll give him the right advice I'm sure.

I'd just like to thank everyone for all their support, sorry it didn't happen this time but I will be back.

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