Judy Murray not expecting Nick Kyrgios taunts against Andy

By David CurrieReporting Scotland presenter
Nick Kyrgios against Andy Murray
Nick Kyrgios has yet to win a set in three matches against Andy Murray

Judy Murray does not think there will be any 'trash talking' from Nick Kyrgios ahead of his US Open first-round match against her son, Andy.

The 20-year-old Australian was recently fined for comments he made to an opponent.

But Judy Murray told BBC Scotland: "He's a young man who made a mistake, he'll get over it and I'm sure it won't happen again.

"It'll be a tough match, they'll both be going for it."

And she added world number three and 2012 US Open winner Murray will not be looking any further than the first round.

"It's incredibly difficult to win a grand slam you have to be at the top of your game for two weeks in tough conditions," she said.

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