Tennis Scotland doubles budget in new LTA agreement

By Kheredine IdessaneBBC Scotland
Tennis Scotland are looking to build on the success of the Murray brothers
Tennis Scotland are looking to build on the success of the Murray brothers

Tennis Scotland has doubled its budget thanks to a record new agreement with the Lawn Tennis Association.

A £12m package over the next two-and-a-half years incorporates money already pledged for infrastructure and capital projects designed to create a network of new indoor facilities.

Annual funding for the organisation will now rise to approximately £1.4m.

The additional cash will help "turn good coaches into world class coaches", says chief executive Blane Dodds.

"We've had huge growth in tennis over the last few years and, with this announcement, I think the future is bright.

"This historic investment will enable us to open up tennis to more people nationwide, to work closer with established and emerging tennis communities across Scotland, deliver more facilities and help grow the game further so that more people in Scotland can enjoy and benefit from our sport.

"It's also a great example of partnership working, with LTA and sportscotland's match funding programme well under way to delivering 10 new indoor tennis facilities across Scotland."

In terms of possible locations, Dodds told BBC Scotland that they were looking a "three up north, one in the south-west and in Glasgow".

"Tayside is catered for, as is the west of Scotland and Greenock area and Edinburgh.

"These facilities will be community network sites, so schools and clubs will be linked in to them to give them the best chance of success. We are confident what we can put in place will be a huge step forward."

Referencing the success of Scotland's three Grand Slam champions; Andy Murray, Jamie Murray and Gordon Reid, LTA chief executive Scott Lloyd said: "Our strategy is underpinned by investing resources where there is greatest opportunity to deliver impact and drive participation.

"Over the last decade, Scottish tennis players have excelled and captivated the nation - the progress made through the work of Tennis Scotland and other partners towards capitalising on that to grow the sport, has now created this opportunity for us to take it to a new level."