Helen Jenkins to sit out Hamburg World Cup Series race

Helen Jenkins
Jenkins finished second in her last two races in the World Cup Series

Britain's Helen Jenkins will miss the next triathlon World Cup Series race in Hamburg later this month to concentrate on Olympic qualification.

Jenkins was second in her previous two World Cup races in Madrid and Austria

But the 27-year-old will focus on training ahead of the London 2012 qualifying events in Hyde Park in August and Beijing in September.

"I'm going to miss Hamburg just to focus on the training for Hyde Park," she said.

"If I was going to Hamburg I think I'd be focusing more on the series as a whole.

"It's probably better for me to stay at home, get the training in and just prepare for Hyde Park.

"There is an opportunity to qualify next year but if I can qualify this year then it gives me next year just to prepare and to focus on the Olympics.

"Ideally to qualify this year would be good."

Jenkins, who is currently fifth in the world rankings, says she has been happy with her performances so far this season.

In her two previous races in the World Cup series of events she has finished second to Canada's Paula Findlay.

"My season's gone really well," said Jenkins. "It's better than we hoped. I've improved in everything quite dramatically since last year.

"[In] my first big race of the year in Sydney I had a crash, which was unfortunate.

"But the last two races in Kitzbuhel and Madrid have gone really well. I was really happy with the results."

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