Rio 2016: Hannah Mills says robbery was a 'wake-up call'

Hannah Mills said they were left shaken but are staying positive

Olympic sailor Hannah Mills says she will continue to train in Rio de Janeiro, despite being robbed at knifepoint in the Brazilian city.

London 2012 silver medallists Mills and Saskia Clark were approached by two men armed with knives as they returned to their hotel from training.

The men pushed the pair and took everything they had. Mills described it as a "horrible experience".

"We're okay and looking forward to keep training here," said Mills, 26.

"It's quite a big wake-up call to the reality of being in Rio and what it's like in certain places.

"This one experience, I guess, is more of a warning to not get too comfortable and still be aware that actually there are parts of the city that you need to be particularly careful in.

Saskia Clark & Hannah Mills
Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills won silver in the 470 class at London 2012

"Other than that, our experiences have been amazing and most people here have been unbelievably welcoming. We feel really positive about Rio so far."

Cardiff-born Mills and 35-year-old Clark won bronze at the World Championships in Santander, Spain in September to qualify their boat in the 470 class for Rio 2016.

The sailors are in Brazil for a two-week training camp as part of preparations for the Games and Mills said the incident served as a harsh lesson.

"Unfortunately we were in the wrong place," Mills told BBC Wales Today.

"It is a known bad area, but when we were here in the summer there were police everywhere and it seemed relatively safe.

"This time around there's not police everywhere and I suppose that's a hard lesson we've had to learn.

"Two guys came running at us from behind and we turned to look which was silly. They pointed their knives to our faces, took our bags and ran off with all our stuff.

"Probably the most annoying thing [that was stolen] is actually our sailing kit that we obviously need to go training in.

"We're trying to get some replacement stuff."