UFC fight night could come to Wales, but not before 2018

By Tom BrownBBC Wales Sport
Brett Johns
Brett Johns in action

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will look at holding a fight night in Wales - but not before 2018.

On Saturday Jack Marshman and Brett Johns will become the first two Welsh fighters to compete in the UFC.

James Elliott, Vice President and General Manager of UFC Europe, Middle East and Africa, said they will look to organise a fight night in Wales, if its two new fighters prove to be a success.

"We always look at putting fighters in their home towns, he told BBC Wales.

"I don't think Wales will be on the agenda in 2017, but beyond that we'll certainly look at it if Jack and Brett go on to be a big success.

"We're looking to take our shows wherever we can be and wherever we think they'll be successful,"

The news will act as an extra motivation for Marshman and Johns. The two will make their debuts at UFC Fight Night 99 in Belfast on Saturday night.

Jack Marshman - UFC's first Welshman

Johns has said he dreams of fighting at Cardiff's Principality Stadium one day.

Elliott also told the BBC he was 'delighted' to finally have Welsh fighters in the UFC.

"We knew when we signed them that we were signing some popular fighters. Our social media feeds were being lit up by the Welsh fans," he added.

"We've been to Scotland, we've been to Northern Ireland, we've been to Ireland and we've been to England.

"There's no reason why we won't be coming to Wales too."

Swansea's Brett Johns says he spent a winter sleeping in a gym before his UFC call-up.