Winter Olympics 2014: Great Britain team profiles

Elise Christie
Elise Christie

The British Olympic Association has started to select its team for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The event gets under way on 7 February in Sochi and will be live across all BBC platforms.

Here, BBC Sport lists the names of those who have made it so far (name/discipline/date of birth/birthplace/previous Winter Olympic experience):

Alpine skiing (men)

David Ryding, 05/12/86, Chorley, England (2010 - 27th in slalom)

Alpine skiing (women)

Chemmy Alcott, 10/07/82, Twickenham, England (2002 - 11th, 2006 - 11th, 2010 - 11th)

Biathlon (men)

Lee Jackson, 20/04/80, Stockton-on-Tees, England (2010 - 55th)

Biathlon (women)

Amanda Lightfoot, 30/01/87, South Shields, England (first Games)

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Bobsleigh (men)

John Jackson

Ben Simons, 13/11/86, Broseley, England (first Games)

Stuart Benson, 12/02/87, Glasgow, Scotland (first Games)

John Jackson, 11/04/77, County Durham, England (2010 - 17th)

Bruce Tasker, 02/09/87, Manorbier, Wales (first Games)

Joel Fearon, 11/10/88, Coventry, England (first Games)

John Baines, 26/09/85, Middlesbrough, England (first Games)

Lamin Deen, 17/06/81, London, England (first Games)

Bobsleigh (women)

Paula Walker, 23/04/86, Leicester, England (2010 - 11th)

Rebekah Wilson, 17/03/91, Manchester, England (first Games)

Cross country skiing

Andrew Young, 21/02/92, Huntly, Scotland (2010 - 60th in individual sprint, 74th in individual freestyle)

Andrew Musgrave, 06/03/90, Poole, England (2010 - 51st in double pursuit, 55th freestyle, 58th individual sprint)

Callum Smith, 12/10/92, Bristol, England (first Games)

Rosamund Musgrave, 28/10/86, Oyne, Scotland (first Games)

Curling (men)

David Murdoch, 17/04/78, Lockerbie, Scotland (2006 - 4th, 2010 - 5th)

Greg Drummond, 03/02/89, Dundee, Scotland (first Games)

Michael Goodfellow, 08/10/88, Stirling, Scotland (first Games)

Scott Andrews, 14/06/89, Prestwick, Scotland (first Games)

Tom Brewster, 10/04/74, St Andrews, Scotland (first Games)

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Curling (women)

Eve Muirhead

Anna Sloan, 02/05/91, Lockerbie, Scotland (first Games)

Claire Hamilton, 31/01/89, Glasgow, Scotland (first Games)

Eve Muirhead, 22/04/90, Stirling, Scotland (2010 - 7th)

Lauren Gray, 03/11/91, Stirling, Scotland (first Games)

Vicki Adams, 16/11/89, Edinburgh, Scotland (first Games)

Profile: 10 British medal hopefuls for Sochi 2014: Eve Muirhead

Figure Skating

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland

David King, pairs, 08/05/84, Carlisle, England (2010 - 16th)

Jenna McCorkell, women's singles, 15/09/86, Coleraine, Northern Ireland (2010 - 29th)

Matthew Parr, men's singles, 01/03/90, Dundee, Scotland (first Games)

Nick Buckland, mixed ice dance, 09/06/89, Nottingham, England (2010 - 20th)

Penny Coomes, mixed ice dance, 06/04/89, Maidenhead, England (2010 - 20th)

Stacey Kemp, pairs, 25/07/88, Preston, England (2010 - 16th)

Report: GB figure skaters in new team event

Freestyle skiing

Murray Buchan, 12/02/91, Edinburgh, Scotland (first Games)

James Woods, 19/01/92, Sheffield, England (first Games)

James Machon, 01/01/90, Sheffield, England (first Games)

Emma Lonsdale, 24/04/84, Langcliffe, England (first Games)

Katie Summerhayes, 08/10/95, Sheffield, England (first Games)

Rowan Cheshire, 01/09/95, Stoke, England (first Games)

Short track speed skating

Charlotte Gilmartin, 500m, 10,00m, 1500m, 03/07/90, Redditch, England (first Games)

Elise Christie, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 13/08/90, Livingston, Scotland (2010 - 11th (500m))

Jack Whelbourne, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 02/08/91, Nottingham, England (2010 - 6th men's relay, 16th 1500m)

Jon Eley, 500m, 1000m, 19/08/84, Solihull, England (2006 - 5th, 2010 - 6th)

Richard Shoebridge, 1000m, 12/08/85, Johannesburg, South Africa (first Games)

Report: 'Strongest ever' short track team announced

Team GB's Richard Shoebridge


Kristan Bromley, 07/03/72, Rossendale, England (2002 - 13th, 2006 - 5th, 2010 - 6th)

Dominic Parsons, 08/09/87, Bath, England (first Games)

Shelley Rudman, 23/03/81, Pewsey, England (2006 - silver, 2010 - 6th)

Lizzy Yarnold, 31/10/88, Sevenoaks, England (first Games)


Jamie Nicholls, 21/07/93, Bradford, England (first Games)

Dom Harrington, 04/11/84, London, England (first Games)

Billy Morgan, 02/04/89, Southampton, England (first Games)

Ben Kilner, 21/08/88, Royal Deeside, Scotland (2010 - 8th)

Zoe Gillings, 14/06/85, Isle of Man (2006 - 15th, 2010 - 8th)

Aimee Fuller, 21/07/91, Belfast, Northern Ireland (first Games)

Jenny Jones, 03/07/80, Bristol, England (first Games)

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