Winter Olympics 2014: Great Britain team profiles

Elise Christie
Elise Christie

22nd Winter Olympics

Sochi, Russia
7-23 February
Live on BBC TV, Red Button, BBC Sport website, Connected TVs, BBC Sport app and Radio 5 live

The British Olympic Association has started to select its team for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The event gets under way on 7 February in Sochi and will be live across all BBC platforms.

Here, BBC Sport lists the names of those who have made it so far (name/discipline/date of birth/birthplace/previous Winter Olympic experience):

Alpine skiing (men)

David Ryding, 05/12/86, Chorley, England (2010 - 27th in slalom)

Alpine skiing (women)

Chemmy Alcott, 10/07/82, Twickenham, England (2002 - 11th, 2006 - 11th, 2010 - 11th)

Biathlon (men)

Lee Jackson, 20/04/80, Stockton-on-Tees, England (2010 - 55th)

Biathlon (women)

Amanda Lightfoot, 30/01/87, South Shields, England (first Games)

Report: Team GB name biathlon squad

Bobsleigh (men)

John Jackson

Ben Simons, 13/11/86, Broseley, England (first Games)

Stuart Benson, 12/02/87, Glasgow, Scotland (first Games)

John Jackson, 11/04/77, County Durham, England (2010 - 17th)

Bruce Tasker, 02/09/87, Manorbier, Wales (first Games)

Joel Fearon, 11/10/88, Coventry, England (first Games)

John Baines, 26/09/85, Middlesbrough, England (first Games)

Lamin Deen, 17/06/81, London, England (first Games)

Bobsleigh (women)

Paula Walker, 23/04/86, Leicester, England (2010 - 11th)

Rebekah Wilson, 17/03/91, Manchester, England (first Games)

Cross country skiing

Andrew Young, 21/02/92, Huntly, Scotland (2010 - 60th in individual sprint, 74th in individual freestyle)

Andrew Musgrave, 06/03/90, Poole, England (2010 - 51st in double pursuit, 55th freestyle, 58th individual sprint)

Callum Smith, 12/10/92, Bristol, England (first Games)

Rosamund Musgrave, 28/10/86, Oyne, Scotland (first Games)

Curling (men)

David Murdoch, 17/04/78, Lockerbie, Scotland (2006 - 4th, 2010 - 5th)

Greg Drummond, 03/02/89, Dundee, Scotland (first Games)

Michael Goodfellow, 08/10/88, Stirling, Scotland (first Games)

Scott Andrews, 14/06/89, Prestwick, Scotland (first Games)

Tom Brewster, 10/04/74, St Andrews, Scotland (first Games)

Report: Team GB name men's curling squad

Curling (women)

Eve Muirhead

Anna Sloan, 02/05/91, Lockerbie, Scotland (first Games)

Claire Hamilton, 31/01/89, Glasgow, Scotland (first Games)

Eve Muirhead, 22/04/90, Stirling, Scotland (2010 - 7th)

Lauren Gray, 03/11/91, Stirling, Scotland (first Games)

Vicki Adams, 16/11/89, Edinburgh, Scotland (first Games)

Profile: 10 British medal hopefuls for Sochi 2014: Eve Muirhead

Figure Skating

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland

David King, pairs, 08/05/84, Carlisle, England (2010 - 16th)

Jenna McCorkell, women's singles, 15/09/86, Coleraine, Northern Ireland (2010 - 29th)

Matthew Parr, men's singles, 01/03/90, Dundee, Scotland (first Games)

Nick Buckland, mixed ice dance, 09/06/89, Nottingham, England (2010 - 20th)

Penny Coomes, mixed ice dance, 06/04/89, Maidenhead, England (2010 - 20th)

Stacey Kemp, pairs, 25/07/88, Preston, England (2010 - 16th)

Report: GB figure skaters in new team event

Freestyle skiing

Murray Buchan, 12/02/91, Edinburgh, Scotland (first Games)

James Woods, 19/01/92, Sheffield, England (first Games)

James Machon, 01/01/90, Sheffield, England (first Games)

Emma Lonsdale, 24/04/84, Langcliffe, England (first Games)

Katie Summerhayes, 08/10/95, Sheffield, England (first Games)

Rowan Cheshire, 01/09/95, Stoke, England (first Games)

Short track speed skating

Charlotte Gilmartin, 500m, 10,00m, 1500m, 03/07/90, Redditch, England (first Games)

Elise Christie, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 13/08/90, Livingston, Scotland (2010 - 11th (500m))

Jack Whelbourne, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 02/08/91, Nottingham, England (2010 - 6th men's relay, 16th 1500m)

Jon Eley, 500m, 1000m, 19/08/84, Solihull, England (2006 - 5th, 2010 - 6th)

Richard Shoebridge, 1000m, 12/08/85, Johannesburg, South Africa (first Games)

Report: 'Strongest ever' short track team announced

Team GB's Richard Shoebridge


Kristan Bromley, 07/03/72, Rossendale, England (2002 - 13th, 2006 - 5th, 2010 - 6th)

Dominic Parsons, 08/09/87, Bath, England (first Games)

Shelley Rudman, 23/03/81, Pewsey, England (2006 - silver, 2010 - 6th)

Lizzy Yarnold, 31/10/88, Sevenoaks, England (first Games)


Jamie Nicholls, 21/07/93, Bradford, England (first Games)

Dom Harrington, 04/11/84, London, England (first Games)

Billy Morgan, 02/04/89, Southampton, England (first Games)

Ben Kilner, 21/08/88, Royal Deeside, Scotland (2010 - 8th)

Zoe Gillings, 14/06/85, Isle of Man (2006 - 15th, 2010 - 8th)

Aimee Fuller, 21/07/91, Belfast, Northern Ireland (first Games)

Jenny Jones, 03/07/80, Bristol, England (first Games)

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