The Sporting Lives of Winter Olympians

What fired the desire for British Winter Olympians to take up their sports? Get Inspired talks to Jayne Torvill, Robin Cousins, Amy Williams, Wilf O'Reilly, Rhona Martin and Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards.

And why not try a winter sport for yourself? Here's our handy guide to getting involved.

Jayne Torvill - ice dancer. Gold in 1984, bronze in 1994

Jayne Torvill on her sporting life

"As soon as I was on the ice, I really enjoyed the feeling. The glide of the ice, the feel you could get. I was like a sponge. I just enjoyed it and wanted to get better." Full story.

Robin Cousins - figure skater. Gold in 1980

Robin Cousins on his sporting life

"I wanted to be like Gene Kelly. I don't know if it was a feel for the ice or flair but I loved to leap and twirl. Gymnastics would have been natural but skating took gymnastics and dancing and rolled it into one." Full story.

Amy Williams - skeleton. Gold in 2010

My Sporting Life: Amy Williams

"Skeleton athletes have maybe got a little screw loose. When you go from the top, you are going to hit the walls, you're going to crash, it hurts, and you are going to be bruised and black and blue. It takes a lot of guts to get to the top of the track and throw yourself back down again." Full story

Rhona Martin - curling. Gold in 2002

My Sporting Life: Rhona Martin

"I worried if I didn't make the final stone, the team would never speak to me again. It was the gold medal match in Salt Lake City and the score was level going into the final end. I remember thinking it was good we had the hammer (final stone) but that last stone's all down to me." Full story

Wilf O'Reilly - short track speed skater. 1991 World Champion

My sporting life: Wilf O'Reilly

"It is thanks to one of my friends that I even tried speed skating. He wanted to become a member of the Mohawks but you had to skate three laps in 40 seconds. He made the grade and said I should try. I was so nervous about failing this first part of my skating career. I remember the starter calling us to the line. I made the time, made the grade." Full story

Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards - ski jumper. 58th and 55th in 1988

Eddie 'the Eagle' on Olympic fame

"The fans christened me Eddie the Eagle. It just snowballed from there - it was great fun. I knew I wasn't going to beat anybody - I knew I would come last." Full story

Graham Bell - alpine skier. Five-time Winter Olympian

My Sporting Life: Graham Bell

"My older brother Martin was probably the biggest influence in my ski racing career. Having a brother that was incredibly talented made a massive difference to me. But being British you ran the risk of being a laughing stock among the traditional ski nations."