Sochi 2014: Curling Q&A

Sochi 2014: Guide to curling

Every four years the nation gets obsessed with curling, mainly due to Rhona Martin's last-stone victory in 2002, and the Sochi Olympics have been no different.

The BBC commentary team of Steve Cram and Jackie Lockhart have been inundated with questions about the rules and regulations. Former world champion Jackie has answered the most popular below. If you have others, you can submit them on Twitterexternal-link using #lovecurling or via the BBC Sport Facebookexternal-link page.

Question: What are the green lights on the stones?

Answer: At the Winter Olympics all the stones are fitted with sensors. The stone must be released before the red hog line; when a stone is released in good time the green lights come on. When the stone is not released before the hog line, red lights come on and that stone is removed from play known as a 'hog line violation'".

Question: What happens if a sweeper touches a stone?

Answer: If a player touches a running stone it is an infraction and referred to as a, 'burnt stone'; it should be removed from play. If a player touches a resting stone, this is not an infraction but it should be noted to the opposing team and they can replace it back to its original position"

Question: What effect does sweeping have?

Answer: Sweeping is done for two reasons; to help hold the running stone in a straight line and to help the stone go further. Good sweeping can help the stone travel a further 6-12 feet!

Question: What are the shoes made of?

Answer: Shoes are generally made of leather with one sole having a special layer of rubbery material that grips the ice whilst the other is designed to slide and typically has a 1/4 inch Teflon sole.