• Imagine being at the top of your game, having trained all your life in a sport you love.

    • Team GB's Katie Ormerod had reached the Winter Olympics - only to injure herself in training.

    • This is the story of her path to an Olympic debut, cut short at the very last minute.

    My injuries

    • As an extreme sport athlete, Katie is no stranger to getting hurt.

    • "I've snapped my ACL, my meniscus on both knees, broke my shoulder, both arms... my back."

    • But after recovering to compete at the highest level, disaster struck in Pyeongchang.

    • Katie fractured her wrist in training on day one. The next day she broke her right heel.

    My story

    • "I started snowboarding at the age of five. All my family were keen snowboarders. I grew up riding."

    • "Throughout my whole childhood, I balanced gymnastics and snowboarding."

    • "At 16, I was the first woman to land a backside double cork 1080. That's two full flips and one spin."

    • Katie now competes around the world and won gold at the Big Air World Cup in Russia last year.

    On the edge

    • "I get quite nervous going into my trick. But I try to look around and keep myself moving."

    • "Just before I drop in I tell myself: I can do it. I can land the trick."

    • "I always look to my coach and I say: I'll be fine won't I? He always looks at me and says: Yeah!"

    • "Then I have that reassurance. The adrenaline kicks in and I just go."

    The jump

    • "One of my tricks is a Cab 900, when you go into a jump with your 'other' leg facing forward."

    • "You spin off the jump and go around 'frontside' so your front goes towards the jump."

    • "You're spinning 900 degrees, which is two and a half spins."

    How I practise

    • "When I'm learning a new trick, generally my coach will explain to me what it is and how to do it."

    • "I'll start on an air bag because it is a lower risk impact."

    • "Once I have the trick good on there, I'll take it to a jump that is similar-sized to the air bag jump."

    Olympic dreams

    • "I've been dreaming of the Olympics for years. To qualify was the best thing in world."

    • "I just can't believe how much bad luck I've had at the Olympics. I've never been so unlucky ever."

    • "I've started to come to terms with it now. It's rare to break two bones in two days. It wasn't meant to be."

    • "I'm feeling confident I can come back even stronger. Hopefully I can do really well at Beijing 2022."

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