Ski jumping: Anders Fannemel sets new world record at 251.5m

Ski jump world record broken twice in two days

A ski jumping world record has been broken twice in two days.

Slovenia's Peter Prevc leapt 250m at Vikersund in Norway on Saturday, but that was beaten on Sunday by Norway's Anders Fannemel who soared 251.5m.

They beat the mark set by Norwegian Johan Remen Evensen at the same venue in 2011 by four metres.

Speaking to the BBC World Service, Fannemel said he wants to jump further, adding: "I would love to jump 300 metres some day."

"I thought it would not be possible to jump longer than 250m, but the conditions were perfect for long flights and I made the best jump of my life.

"This longest jump is every ski jumper's dream. It's hard to compare with the Olympic medal. We are dreaming of the long jumps not the medals actually," he added.