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For people of non-white skintones, seeing themselves reflected accurately in photography wasn’t always easy. Since the 1940s, skin tone bias in photography has been a challenge as colour film toning was based on a fair-skinned woman. It was only in the 1990s that companies began tackling this bias with better, more representative technology.

Now, the baton has been passed in part to smartphone cameras, which have been closing the gap on image quality with traditional cameras for the past few years. TECNO is at the forefront of this change, as a global innovative smartphone brand (from China) approaches its product development with a ‘glocalisation’ approach that puts local needs first - addressing their global markets with innovation on the local level.

With its inclusive and market-specific approach, TECNO has become a key driver of camera innovations in the global smartphone imaging ecosystem. The company’s continuous glocal innovations, initiatives to develop cameras that function at a professional level for both photography and videography, and their impact on progressive young consumers through their future lens technology, has encapsulated their brand essence of “stop at nothing”.

Watch our video above as we explore what goes on behind the scenes as TECNO builds a smartphone camera that works for everyone.


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Looking ahead with TECNO

Hosted by Counterpoint Research, Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022 Innovation Talk discussed new trends in imaging technology. TECNO aims to provide an excellent photography and videography experience through constant innovation and a deep understanding of consumer needs.

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